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Plant & Mineral Based Laser Whitening Gels

No Preservatives

Enamel Strengthening

Safe for Existing Dental Work

Fast & Effective

Immediate Results

Made In USA


7355 South Buffalo Drive , Sola Salons, Suite 14

Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

TEXT ONLY: (808) 345-7815 | @DREAMSMILESLV


LASER TEETH WHITENING             $150

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Training

Mega Eyelash Extension Training

Teeth Whitening

If you want whiter teeth, Dream Smiles is the natural choice.  Dream Smiles offers a fast, safe, and

convenient way to brighten your teeth instantly.  A bright, beautiful smile can be yours in just minutes.  Our

revolutionary teeth whitening technology, combined with our natural, plant and mineral based teeth whitening laser gel is the 

most effective system used for teeth whitening.

Dream Smile's method is a light accelerated power teeth whitening system that uses a combination of LED

blue light and our natural whitening get to safely remove years of staining from your teeth.  Dream Smile's system is a convenient, safe, and painless cosmetic process that is recognized and used world-wide.




Whitening gel is applied

to whiten upper and

lower teeth.


LED cool blue light

is positioned to 

speed whitening process


In just minutes

teeth are shades


*Average shade improvement is between 4 to 14 shades.  Individual results

vary based on current tooth shade, composition of teeth,

and treatment time.

Q:  Is Teeth Whitening for everyone?

A:  Whitening provides great results for anyone who wants whiter, brighter teeth.  This includes people with teeth that have been stained by tobacco, foods, beverages, and discoloration due to age.  Although tetracycline and fluoride staining can not be removed completely, we typically see great results with this type of staining.

Q:  Will it whiten my existing dental work?

A:  Whitening will remove stains from crowns, fillings, veneers, etc.  but will to lighten them beyond their original color.  Our whitening products will not damage existing dental work.

Q:  How white will my teeth get?

A:  Everyone's teeth will respond differently.  Your results will depend on how porous your teeth are, current color, and treatment time.  For the ultimate whitening effect, you may choose up to three 15 minute applications in a single whitening session.

Q:  How long will the Whitening last?

A:  This varies from person to person and depends on your diet and oral hygiene.  Periodic touch up treatments are recommended and for extended long term results, you may choose to use our Home Care Maintenance Kit and/or Touch-up Pen for on the GO maintenance.

Q:  Will my teeth feel sensitive?

A:  Most clients experience no sensitivity, however everyone's

 sensitivity level varies.  A small percentage may feel sensitivity, but it is typically minor and gone within 24 hours.  If concerned, inquire about our Remineralizing/Desensitizing Gels.

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