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This is the very best Luxury Lash Bath for Eyelash Extensions out there! We have worked very hard to create the perfect formula for the lash artist and client alike.


--Lash Artists, you can use this lash bath as a pre wash for every single one of your lash extension services.  Itll ensure that your clients have an amazingly clean base to attatch your lash extensions to.


--Clients, you can and should use this lash bath every single day except the day you get your lash set or fill.  This lash bath will take off all of your make up and regular eye residue.  This lash bath will ensure that your natural body oils do not prematurely break down the lash adhesive and give you the very best retention.


Eash lash bath bottle contains genuine rose quartz crystal chips inside to help evenly mix the formula before every use and also fill these lash baths with the energy of beauty and love.

KAI Lash Bath

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