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  • Do you fill over another artist work?
    The short answer is Yes. However, there is an additional $20 fee that is added to whatever service that is scheduled. So if you would like to schedule a 2 Week Mega Volume Fill, itll be the regular $95 charge and then the additional $20 charge. If you then choose to stay with me and make me your regular lash artist, you will just pay $95 every two weeks.
  • What do I need to know and do on the day of my appointment?
    On the day of your appointment please show up on time with a freshly washed face and no make up. This will allow us to have more lashing time. Please avoid consuming any caffine 6 hours prior to your appointment time to avoid shakey eyes. If you wear contacts and this is your first time getting lash extensions, I come with them out of your eyes. If you have gotten eyelash ectensions before with your contacts in with no complications, feel free to wear them to all your lash appointments.
  • Where exactly are you located for your appointments?
    For my lash appointments, I am at the Sola Salons at 7355 S Buffalo Drive. As soon as you walk into the building, make a left and I am in the corner suite, Suite 14. For my hair appointments, I am at the same Sola Salons at 7355 S Buffalo Drive. When you walk in, go straight and I am in suite For Platinum Teeth Whitening, we are located at the Studio Salons at _________. When you walk in, take a right and we are in Suite 115.
  • What are eyelash extensions?
    Eyelash extensions are very thin false lashes that are carefully applied to your natural lash 0.05mm-1mm away from your eyelid. The adheisive should never touch your skin. These are waterproof, semi-permanent extensions.
  • Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?
    With proper isolation, appropriate choice of weight (Length and Extension Diameter), proper aftercare anf touch ups done every 2-3 weeks, lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. If anything, more damage is done when applying and removing strip lashes and mascara. Lash extensions encourage you to keep your hands away from fiddling with your natural lashes. There is no neek to "take a break" from the extensions unless you are unable to keep up with the maintenance touch ups.
  • Can i bring my boyfriendf, mom, child, or dog to my appointment? They will wait quietly?"
    No. Please do not bring any extra people or pets to your appointment.
  • How long will it take to apply the eyelash extensions?
    Plan for 2.5 hours for your consultaion and initial new set and then roughly 1-1.5 hours every two weeks for your fill appointments. Extra time in the morning to sleep in, excersise, enjoy breakfast, or get the kids ready for school makes it well worth it! I will be playing soft music but feel free to bring your airpods or earphones and listen to your own music or podcasts. Treat this time as a time to relax, meditate or reflect. Most people drift off to sleep and wake to to new beautiful lashes!
  • Do you use pre-made fans?
    No. I do not use pre-made fans or clusters. Clusters are made for short-term use (like a special event or wedding) with temporary adheisive. I make and customize eacha nd every fan seconds before they are applied to your natural lashes. This allows me to choose the correct amount of false lashes to put in each fan to make sure that we keep the health of your natural lashes strong.
  • I brushed my lashes and 3 fans fell off! Help?
    Please remember that we shed 3-5 natural lashes a day. They will be morenoticable if you have extentions applied to them. It is normal for a few lashes to pop off with brushing. Lash extensions are not implant but semi-permanent enhancements that are menat to be touched up every 2 weeks.
  • What type of payments do you accept?
    I currently accept Cash, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Cash App.
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